BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Despite warnings from city officials, families were out trick-or-treating in one Bangor's most known Halloween spots; Maple Street.

"You can't stop Maple Street -- its going to happen." one resident said. The street has hundreds of people flood to it every year, for some it's tradition. However, the city is still dealing with Monday's storm and asked families to postpone trick-or-treating until Friday. Many streets are still without power, lines and trees limbs are still down and debris covers a lot of the roads and sidewalks.

Sergeant Betters with Bangor Police said it wasn't an easy decision for officials, but it's what would keep people safe. "It's hard enough for people to get around on the crowded streets when we have trick or treaters when we have power," Sergeant Betters said. "So couple that with no electricity, no lights, debris and hanging power lines its really unsafe recipe for disaster."

Families were thankful that the neighborhood still handed out candy to their kiddos. Chelsea Lunn decided to make the trip over despite safety warnings. She said waiting until the end of the week wouldn't have been the same. "It's not bad but there really isn't a lot of light so drivers really have to be careful and you just have to keep a close eye on your kid." Lunn said.

Proving a storm can take down trees and power lines -- but it can't take the Halloween spirit out of Maple Street.