PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Hundreds marched in Portland Saturday morning to encourage people to get involved in social change groups.

They marched from Portland's Eastern Promenade to the Western Promenade. They carried signs supporting Planned Parenthood and equal human rights for all.

Some signs read "Love Trumps Hate" and "Make America Love Again," but organizers said this peaceful march was not a protest about a particular candidate or the outcome of the election.

"We were feeling disheartened and angry and a lot of emotions following the election and campaign, but this is not a protest and this is not against any candidate," co-organizer Melissa Kenison said. "This is to connect volunteers and people in the community who want to get involved with social change organizations."

"It's not really about politics. It's about being together and saying a positive message, encouraging people to be a part of something bigger than just feeling sad about what happened," co-organizer Chelsea Ellis said. "Just using it and turning it into some action that is actually helping people."