As Texas grapples with the clean-up from Hurricane Harvey, another strong storm is heading towards the U.S. and getting stronger.

Hurricane Irma became a category four storm Monday and some models have shown the storm heading towards New England and Maine.

The National Weather Service office in Gray says it’s too early to know exactly where Irma will end up, but the southeast is more threatened than the northeast.

Still ,staff there say getting basic safety supplies like flashlights and batteries now is a good idea whether the storm comes this way or not.

“What we consider this phase to be right now is the preparedness phase,” said Chris Lego, lead meteorologist for NWS Gray. “What that means for people in the area is you want to start thinking about your plan if significant weather were to threaten your area.”

The NWS says we should all know by Saturday when Irma will turn north and have a better idea which way it will go after that.

Until then, we can relax, at least a little bit.