BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – A recent study by Gallup found that 51 percent of people are not engaged in their jobs nationwide. If you happen to fall into that category here in Maine, it is likely due to a number of factors.

At the Wayfair call center in Bangor, they are working to combat a lack of engagement among their employees.

“You just have to relax and have a simple conversation,” employee Matt Pulley said. “Try to have a good time with the customer if you can. Don't get all uptight. Don't get too worked up about it.”

So what about you? Niclas Erhardt, Associate Dean at the Maine Business School at UMaine, said there are certain things that make Maine unique.

“Driving long-distances, you have bad weather and combining your family commitments and your job commitments, that really is more of an issue up here than down in New Jersey or down in the warmer regions,” he said.

Those factors combined with more small businesses trying to do more with less contributes to work fatigue and ultimately burnout, according to Erhardt. Another big factor: those dollar signs.

In Maine, the average weekly income is $807 according to the Maine Department of Labor. That slightly lower than the national average of $849.

At the end of the day, Ehrhardt recommend a few things:

-Just talk to your boss. Do not be afraid to say no.

-Set weekly goals for yourself.

-Take time for physical activity

At Wayfair, that physical activity component is taken very seriously including in ping-pong. The employee break space has a ping-pong table, X-Box and free snack selection.

In fact, the company even has someone whose job it is to make sure employees are engaged.

“Basically my entire job just revolves around coming up with ways for people to enjoy coming to work every day,” Lauren Schmidt Downs, the Employee Engagement Specialist at Wayfair said.

Due to Maine’s make-up, including the prevalence of small businesses, not every workplace will have those amenities. However, acknowledging the factors that make Maine unique and following some of Erhardt’s tips could help make your week a little brighter.