The holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas usually mean a lot of eating.

For some of us, that means trying to balance exercise and health with having fun.

NEWS CENTER asked some of the staff and nutrition planners at World Gym in Portland if they had any tips for people trying to avoid getting out of shape over the holidays.

They said the key is to stick an existing fitness regimen if you have one or try to get some moderate exercise.

If you don't, simply walking or jogging along with crunches and push-ups can do a lot to offset added calories.

The fitness and nutrition planners it's even okay to indulge in treats like egg nog, at least in moderation.

“It's just really high in fat,” said Michael Foley,” who’s been in the fitness and nutrition field for over 25 years. “Now they have fat free egg nog but it's not like it's not the most healthy, nutritious thing. I think if someone had a glass or two during the holiday season, it would do absolutely no damage at all.”

The fitness experts say the worst option someone trying to stay in shape can choose when it comes to holiday eating is not exercise for long periods of time.

Getting back to where you were might take even longer.