ACTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A fire destroyed most of a multi-unit home Sunday in Acton.

Two children living in that home have already been through another tragedy recently.

According to police, those children saw their mother, Kandee Weyland, kill their father - her ex-husband, Scott, on February 22.

Friends of the family say they believe the motivation behind the crime was that Scott Weyland had just been given full custody of the couple’s two kids.

Since their father’s murder, the kids had been staying with their brother, who is much older than them.

He lived at the home at 1242 Foxes Ridge Road in Acton, where the fire took place.

Officials say the fire was started by some kids at the home playing with matches in the old barn out back.
That barn is now just a pile of rubble.

Scott Weyland's two children were not the ones playing with matches.

The homeowner, Kimberly Stacey-Horn, said that despite everything they have been through, the kids seem okay and even went to school Monday.

The homeowner did not live at the home but says that she and her late first husband bought it and raised all their children there.

Three of her children, their families, one tenant and his son, and over 12 animals lived in the home – it is almost entirely destroyed now.

Stacy-Horn says that the family hasn’t found several chickens since the fire.

She says the family – with the help of the community – will be working to rebuild the home.

Currently, most of the residents and all of the animals are staying with her in her home across the street.

She says those memories of raising a family in the home are worth more than all the possessions they lost.

“Everyhing is ruined,” she says. “Their skis melted, their snowboards. Their snowshoes. Everything. It was an awesome barn. I think we are going to miss the barn the most, because I can't say how many classmates of my older children have said 'oh…all those memories of all of us playing in the barn.'”

Stacey-Horn says the town response has been amazing.

The town of Acton is accepting donations and help rebuilding the home. A GoFundMe page has also been started.

As for the two children who started the fire - she says they feel terrible, and she believes they'll have to attend fire safety classes as punishment.