HODGDON, Maine ( NEWS CENTER )—A Houlton man is in jail for what police say was a very serious crime. The Aroostook County Sheriff says 46 year old Brady Bridges of Houlton is accused of entering a home in Hodgdon, in mid-February, armed with a claw hammer. Once inside, he threatened the home owner with the weapon. The home owner convinced Bridges to go outside with him because the victim’s daughter was also home at the time. The Sheriff says, once outside, Bridges assaulted the victim repeatedly with his fists. Bridges informed the victim that his family would not be harmed if the victim gave him $3,000. The victim withdrew the cash from a bank then gave the money to Bridges.

Bridges is charged with robbery, burglary, criminal threatening with a weapon, assault and theft by extortion.

Bridges has a lengthy criminal history in Maine, dating back to 1990, which includes multiple convictions for theft, drug trafficking, criminal threatening, tampering with a witness and domestic violence assault. Bridges is also awaiting sentencing for manufacturing methamphetamine in New Jersey.

He is currently being held at the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.