Mainers across the state are stepping up to help each other while power is restored.
One of them is a motel owner from York.

Normally the Nevada Motel, in the Long Sands area, is totally closed up this time of year but that all changed with Monday's storm.

As soon as the motel's owner Paul dela Pena saw how many power outages there were, he wanted to do something.

dela Pena went on a community Facebook group for people living in York.

In a post, he offered to open up a couple of his motel rooms to people who need a place to shower or warm up.
He says it's not a big deal to turn the water and heat back on for a little bit.

The reason he doesn't mind doing it, friends of his had a hard time finding a place to stay in a previous bad storm.

“I had a few of my friends in the other ice storm, when we were out for days, they tried to find a motel room where they could stay for a few days but it was kind of pricey,” he said. “I figured I could open up some rooms and turn the water on.”

If you need a shower and want to ask dela Pena for help, he says the best way to get in touch with him is on his cell phone because the motel line is disconnected for the season.

His number is (207) 232-5134

For people on the Midcoast, the Oceanside Golf Resort, formerly knows as the Rocktide is offering free hotel rooms to house people until power is restored.

These rooms are available for people who live in Boothbay Harbor, Boothbay, Southport, and Edgecomb only.