Realtors say the hottest segment of the real estate market this spring is the $300,000 price point and under. That's the traditional first-time homebuyer market.

The President of the Greater Portland Board of Realtors, Raylene Estabrook, looked through the housing inventory today in Greater Portland and found three properties on the market that she considers to be good buys. That includes a Portland bungalow, a 4 bedroom house in Yarmouth and a newly renovated house in Portland.

(Watch the video to hear her describe the properties and what makes them a potentially good investment.)

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Estabrook says a listing in Westbrook is worth a mention, even though it just went under contract. She says there are appraisals and inspections that still have to get worked out. If it's a property you like, Estabrook says it may be worth keeping an eye on.