(NEWS CENTER) -- The final game of the 2016 world series will be played tonight in Cleveland, and one team, the Indians or the Chicago Cubs, will walk away as World Champions.

But do Mainers care? Jessica Gagne took to the streets to find out.

She found a nice mix of reactions. Some said they wanted the Cubs to win because the time they have gone a longer amount of time without a World Series win, 108 years to be exact.

But others liked the Indians because of their performance this year, and because they've got a streak of their own to break too: it's been 68 years since they've won it all.

Some others said they don't care at all about the outcome, but that hearing about something else besides politics has been a nice distraction.

If digital Mainers have their way, it will be Chicago taking the win. Our online poll favored the Cubs with 69% of the vote.