PORTSMOUTH, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- Parents of children who drank contaminated water at the former Pease Air Force Base say they are one step closer to getting answers about potential health problems.

Tests showed more than 1,500 people and 350 people have high levels of PFC's in their blood. The chemical is tentatively linked to cancer and other health problems.

Congress is now on the verge of approving a first nationwide health study on people who live around military bases across the country. New Hampshire Senator Jean Shaheen included an amendment in the annual Defense Authorization act which would authorize the Department of Defense to conduct a health studies in communities near bases dealing with PFC contamination in their drinking water.

The moms, who formed the group 'Testing For Pease,' say they are grateful the study may become a reality. They say they want it be conducted over a long period of time, because it take years for the chemical to leave the body.

"I look at my six-year-old daughter, who has extremely high levels in her body, it’s going to be decades before these chemicals are out of her body," said Andrea Amico of Testing for Pease.

The study will include people who live in communities around military installations in several other states. If approved it would allocate $7 million every year for the next five years to conduct the study.