LAGRANGE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The family of Alex Gardner, the 35-year-old killed Thursday night in Alton, believes the car accident was intentional and that he wanted to be reunited with his mother.

"Alex couldn't cope," his sister Brooke Gardner said. "He couldn't comprehend that he was not there to protect my mom."

Gardner and her sister Celeste Creighton are still coming to terms with the hand they have been dealt. Their mother, Robin Gardner, was killed last Friday in a head-on collision while driving on Route 16 in Alton. Gardner was killed when 25-year-old Tyler Creighton’s car crossed the center line. Creighton was charged with manslaughter in Penobscot County Court last week.

He admitted to police that he was under the influence, texting and had been at a methadone clinic. Court documents show Creighton had a history of OUI.

"We do everything together, we are such a close family and it's just to think that two of us are missing right now." Gardner said.

Gardner and his mother were very close. "He was a momma's boy," Creighton said. His sisters say he was kind-hearted and always ready to take care of others. "He would have given you the shirt off of his back." Gardner said.

The last few days Gardner had kept to himself and was sleeping a lot. He had gone out to get new clothes for his mother's memorial service but never made it back home. His truck was found Friday morning just past the spot his mother was killed. It had crashed into a large tree.

"I thought he would make it through it but he couldn't he just couldn't do it," Gardner said. "He wouldn't have done that just to do it, he just missed her so much, it was unbearable." Both sisters believe the crash was intentional.

"I know that my brother is with his mom right now," Gardner said. "When I found out, that was the first picture in my mind, my mom embracing her son."

Creighton and Gardner are busy preparing for their mother's memorial service which will take place Sunday. A memorial service for Gardner will be held Sunday, December 10th at the New Life Church in Old Town. It will begin at 10:30 a.m. Both hope that those who knew and loved Gardner will remember him and come together.

The family is focusing on their strength and their faith to help them move forward together. Though their lives will never be the same, they promise to live it the way their mom and brother would have wanted them to.

I don't know how you move on from something like this, I just know that God can take broken pieces and he can make something beautiful out them and I know that Alex is at peace," Gardner said. "I just have to trust that there is a silver lining to this, that something good will come of it."