AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The ripple effects of Hurricane Harvey have hit Maine in time for the Labor Day weekend.

The price of gas soaring more than 12 cents in some areas, as hundreds of thousands of motorists, flow into the state.

"It's a little high," Dave Waskowitz said as he fueled up in West Gardiner. "59 dollars and seven cents."

Waskowitz said he and his friends are not letting it stop them from enjoying the weekend. The group was headed to Jackman with a trailer full of ATVs.

The impact of Harvey going beyond the price of gas, some were inspired by the tragedy.

Maine's Finest car enthusiast group held a fundraiser at the Augusta Civic Center Saturday to raise money for Hurricane Relief.

The last-minute car show aimed at raising hundred of dollars to donate to the American Red Cross.

"Seeing the devastation and the amount of damage that was being done, we decided we really wanted to do something and we took the first opportunity and a great weekend for it," organizer Aaron Perry said.

David Fleury had his old car that he has kept in mint condition for decades. He and his wife hoped it would stand out from the crowd while still contributing to a good cause.

"They've got a nice turnout here so hopefully they raise a lot of money to help Texas," Fleury said.

The event just one of countless efforts across the state leading up to the holiday weekend. Hardworking Mariners taking the opportunity to give back to people in need more than 2,000 miles away.