BOOTHBAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Gunshots and a fire are two of the dangers that emergency crews had to navigate as they investigated a disturbance spanning two towns in Lincoln County.

At the center of their investigation was 46-year-old Michael Holbrook from Boothbay. He was arrested Saturday morning on charges of felony criminal threatening and terrorizing, both involving a dangerous weapon.

Holbrook first came to the attention of police as the suspect in a shooting Friday night at a home on Old County Road in Edgecomb. Lincoln County Sheriff's Deputies said the person living at that address called to report a hunting rifle being fired at the home and a car on the property.

Deputies pursued their investigation to Holbrook's home in Boothbay where a standoff lasted for several hours into the next morning. When the building where Holbrook was initially holed up caught fire, deputies said he fled into another building. Negotiations eventually led to his surrender to the Maine State Police Tactical Team.

Holbrook is being held at Two Bridges Regional Jail in Wiscasset.