AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Dozens of United Bikers of Maine members gathered at the Blaine House Thursday morning for the annual Motorcycle Safety Awareness month tea party.

The Governor has hosted the event at the Blaine house for the past several years. 2016 saw nearly a fifty-percent decrease in the number of motorcycle accident related deaths compared to 2015. The number dropped from 32 to 18.

The group said one of the leading causes of accidents on bikes is alcohol use -- they want to remind everyone to never drink and drive and that motor cycles are not as forgiving. They also said you can never be too careful while out on the road and the more drivers look out for bikes on the road, the better.

"Be aware that we are out there" Member Eric Fuller said. "We do have some different criteria for motorcycles versus a car so keep in mind that we are out there and a little more vulnerable".

There has already been 1 motorcycle related death this year – Fuller said he hopes it’s the only one.