WARNING: This article contains language some may find offensive.

AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A month after Governor Paul LePage said he was done talking with reporters, he held a surprise press conference on Wednesday morning.

Gov. LePage began by calling President Barack Obama a "dictator" and called Donald Trump a powerful leader and "authoritative, not authoritarian."

He then used Russian nesting dolls he says he received as a gift in Russia to show "what they think of our leaders."

"And you notice the smallest one could become the most powerful woman in the world," said LePage.

"I'm outspoken and blunt, but every day I do what's best for the people," he said. "According to the press, I'm the biggest dumbass on the Earth."

He called Hillary Clinton a proven liar and added "she will take money from anybody for anything."

"Trump wasn't my first or second choice, but he is my third," he said. "In 30 years, Hillary Clinton hasn't accomplished much."

Gov. LePage again attacked the Maine press.

"I have no respect for you at all. You all live in a world of words and your goal is to destroy people," he said."