AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Governor LePage vetoed a bill that would have managed how the state regulated the sale of recreational marijuana Friday.

Governor LePage has been very vocal about his opposition to the bill legalizing recreational marijuana in Maine.

On Friday he vetoed L.D 1650, “An Act to Amend the Marijuana Legalization Act.”

In an press release, LePage said:

“I strongly urge the Legislature to sustain this veto and continue to work to get this important law right.”

According to LePage's office the bill that would regulate sales of medical marijuana in Maine conflicted with federal law, does not address issues with the existing medical marijuana program and had an unrealistic timeline


“When I sought guidance from my counterpart in Colorado, he was adamant that Maine should learn from the mistakes made by his state and others that have pursued legalization efforts. He urged that we take the time necessary to get our law right from the start and not rush just to get something in place,” Governor LePage wrote in the letter.

“If Maine is going to legalize and regulate marijuana, it is imperative that we do it right.”