(NEWS CENTER) — Gisele Bundchen dropped a sports bomb during an interview that aired Wednesday on CBS This Morning saying that her quarterback husband, Tom Brady, had a concussion last year and alluded to the fact that he has had several.

The supermodel mother of two and wife of Tom Brady was being interviewed to promote her advocacy work on the environment and promote author Paul Hawkins new book Drawdown, which gives solutions to climate change.

However their message on the environment was overshadowed by the claim that Brady, who has never reported a concussion, has in fact had them.


— CBS News (@CBSNews) May 17, 2017

In the interview with CBS's Charlie Rose, Bundchen responded to comments she made about wanting her NFL star husband to retire.

She said it was because football is an aggressive sport that is tough on his body and then she revealed this:

"He had a concussion last year. He has concussions pretty much...I mean we don't talk about he does have concussions."

The retired supermodel may have been trying to turn the world's gaze from her body to the earth but her message was lost on many football fans after this statement.

The only injuries Brady has ever reported officially to the NFL have been:

  • right shoulder in 2013,
  • calf and ankle in 2014,
  • illness and ankle in 2015,
  • knee and thigh in 2016

NFL instated a concussion protocol for players back in 2009 but updated for the 2016 season which says a "potential concussion (player) is identified the player shall be removed immediately from the field."

According to NFL rules, if the NFL team physician says or even suspects a concussion the player will be escorted to the locker room for a full assessment. The if the player is diagnosed with a concussion, there is no same day return to play.

New England Patriots beat reporter for the Boston Herald Jeff Howe tweeted that Brady had not been listed on an injury report with a concussion since 2003.

The NFL declined to comment on the interview.