BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The Republican National Committee Co-Chair, Sharon Day, came to Bangor on Saturday to kick-off Maine's "Get out the Vote Election" weekend.

With just three days to go until Election Day, the RNC Co-chair campaigned for Donald trump and encouraged Mainers to hit the polls on Tuesday.

She also stressed the importance of voting in Maine's second district race for congress.
Republican Bruce Poliquin and Democrat Emily Cain are neck and neck in the polls and victory is in the hands of voters.

Although Poliquin has refused to endorse or even talk about Trump, Day says that's not a sign of a division within the party.

He's got his own campaign to run. We're here to make sure that we carry all of the ballots. We want to make sure that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are the next great president and vice president. We're here to pick up the congress, we're here to pick up and down the ballots,” she said.

The Maine GOP chairman, Rick Bennett, agreed.

“We've got a lot of unity, we're pulling together behind our nominees, up and down the ticket. Republicans will never totally agree on everything but that's a good thing,” he said.

Across the border in New Hampshire, a key swing state, Hillary Clinton will be hosting her own get-out-the-vote event tomorrow. Then on Monday, President Obama will be campaigning for Hillary in Durham.
After visiting Bangor, Day headed to Auburn to continue to encourage people to head to the polls on Election Day.