PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Hundreds of people filled Monument Square Wednesday night to peacefully gather in support of segments of society that they feel have been attacked by President-elect Donald Trump.

The event is described as:

"So many of us are scared and feeling lost right now. We must stand together. We need public displays of action. Come and gather PEACEFULLY. Bring candles or flashlights. Bring signs with messages of love and community. Let us show our female/people of color/immigrant/LGBTQ/Muslim/Latino neighbors that they will be safe in our city. Let us take action. Messages of hate are not welcome. Come to the square with your messages of love and light."

The organizer, Ariel Bernstein, described the event as apolitical, but when asked if she still would have hosted it had Hillary Clinton won, she said she doesn't think it would have been necessary.

When asked about other more aggressive protests around the country, Bernstein said, "My goal first and foremost as a mother was to find an event that we could bring families to, and to try to have a peaceful gathering. But I totally understand why there are non peaceful gatherings going on right now."