PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Now that Hurricane Harvey has passed over Texas, temporarily shutting down some gasoline refineries, gas prices at the pump in Maine have been affected- but nothing higher than what experts expected when the storm originally hit.

In late August, when the national average was $2.36, experts predicted the price would increase five cents to 15 cents a week. Since then, prices have reflected that prediction.

Currently, the national average is $2.65, according to Gasbuddy.com.

In Portland, Gasbuddy.com shows prices at the pump ranging from $2.54- $2.79.

In Bangor, the website has prices listed as $2.52-$2.73.

In Presque Isle, the price per gallon is the highest at $2.73-$2.83.

Gasbuddy.com does suggest to fill up sooner rather than later as it does predict prices to continue to rise little by little.