ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Police warned the public to stay away from a sickly-looking moose Monday after the young animal had wandered very close to traffic on Bayside Road in Ellsworth.

Maine Game Wardens were called to assess the moose who looked emaciated and was alarming passersby but Wardens said the moose was not sick, just young and wearing a thin summer coat that shows off ribs.

Warden Derek Rudolph told NEWS CENTER a moose who is sick with something like brain worm would not respond to humans, would act lethargic and waiver as it walked or even walk in circles. Rudolph checked out the young moose Monday morning and said he chased him into the woods for a half a mile.

Rudolph said the moose reacted to him in a normal way suggesting that he was not sick. He said Game Wardens do not like to intervene with nature unless completely necessary and that this young male moose was just beginning to make his way in the world.

Rudolph suspects the moose has probably been on his own, without the aid of his mother, for the summer which may also explain why he was looking so thin.

Rudolph said the moose responded to him and was not acting sick in any way.