PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – The attorney who prosecuted Anthony Sanborn for the murder of Jessica Briggs took the stand at Sanborn’s hearing Today.

Pam Ames is now a defense attorney. At the time of Sanborn’s trial in 1992 she worked for the Maine Attorney General’s office.

Sanborn’s attorney claims investigators, including the prosecutor, withheld information and did not look closely enough at other possible suspects. Because of those accusations, there is no love lost between Ames and Sanborn’s attorney Amy Fairfield. In a previous interview Ames said Fairfield had slandered her and accuses all prosecutors and police of being corrupt. She said she was anxious to take the stand in this hearing.

As Ames took the stand Anthony Sanborn’s attorney continued exploring information that was not turned over to Sanborn’s original defense team and alternate suspects in the Briggs murder. Throughout this hearing we’ve heard about handwritten notes taken by detectives that did not end up in the official reports that were handed over to the defense. Ames testified she never saw those notes and she understands why the information contained in them did not make it into the reports.

“If a police officer we're going to write a report about every single contact that he had with every single person, especially in this case, it would be overwhelming to write a report about all of that”, she said.

The defense claims those hand written notes contained a lot of information about other possible suspects, including a man named Dusty. Hope Cady, the state’s star witness who originally said she saw Sanborn kill Briggs, but later recanted her testimony, told investigators around the time of the murder Dusty pulled her into a basement and slashed her with a razor. Ames was asked, as the prosecutor is that information you would have like to have known about.

‘And then she witnesses a murder and says she saw Anthony Sanborn kill Jessica Briggs. I don't think that she was assaulted by a boyfriend has anything to do with her witnessing a homicide perpetrated by Mr Sanborn”, said Ames.

Throughout the brief questioning Ames stood her ground. Today’s proceeding was cut short because one of the attorneys became ill. Ames will be back to continue her testimony. Right now its unclear when.

When the hearing resumes on Monday the defense plans to call a former FBI agent who is expected to offer his opinion on how the Briggs murder investigation was handled.