HERMON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Faith-Ann Bishop is currently the face representing young people dealing with anxiety and depression in America.

Originally from the town of Hermon, this young woman is on this month’s cover of TIME magazine.

Now 20-years-old, Bishop has been battling her illness for years — and she’s not alone.

“Honestly, I'm trying to think about how to describe it, because it's like a mix of shock and excitement and it's a situation that you're really not taught how to feel about,” Bishop said.

Her hometown has been gleaming with pride.

“We've had emails, we've had phone calls, it's pretty neat,” former principal Brian Walsh said.

Putting a voice and face on the stigma often associated with anxiety and depression landed Bishop the cover of one of the most recognizable magazines in the world.

As a teenager, she was diagnosed with clinical depression.

Bishop told NEWS CENTER she just wasn't happy with her life.

Experts say nearly 20 percent of teens will experience depression before adulthood.

Six years ago, Bishop was given the opportunity to help others when the Acadia Hospital and Project AWARE asked Bishop to write and direct a short film to educate young people about depression and anxiety.

“There's no greater thing to do than to save a life and help someone else. And she's doing it on a global scale,” Acadia Hospital communications officer Alan Comeau said.

Bishop's story left a lasting impression.

“I just want her to know how proud we all are here of her," Comeau said. "To see the strength and conviction that she's brought forth and dealing with her own struggles with anxiety and depression."

Although she's made the cover of a world-renowned publication, the real accomplishment is much greater.

“The message is being spread, not only here in Maine but across the entire country,” Walsh said.

Faith is currently attending film school in Los Angeles and is continuing to make short documentaries in an effort to help others in their fight against depression and anxiety.

To view the video that kick-started her career, click here.