LIMINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Reports of firearms mixed with fireworks brought police to a home in Limington on Sunday night.

An anonymous caller told the York County Sheriff's Office that gunshots could be heard coming from the same property on Cape Road where fireworks were being set off.

Deputies arrived around 10:40 p.m. to find 26-year-old Aaron Preston of Buxton. They said he was carrying a rifle and appeared intoxicated.

Preston followed orders to drop the rifle, but deputies said he refused to submit to their custody and acted in a way they considered suspicious. After subduing him with a taser and putting him in handcuffs, deputies said they found a Glock pistol and knife in his pockets.

The charges filed against Preston include aggravated reckless conduct, refusing to submit to arrest, and refusing to sign a criminal summons. He is scheduled for arraignment on Monday.