(NEWS CENTER) -- A new toy craze is getting praise from some, and being banned by others.

Fidgets Spinners are propeller-shaped toys that are spun between a person's fingers. They are silent, pocket-sized and relatively inexpensive.

Some versions of these spinners are being marketed on Amazon.com as an aide for people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism and anxiety. Parents of students who use them for therapeutic purposes claim they help their kids focus during stressful situations.

But the toys are not just being used as learning tools, and they are popping up in elementary and middle schools across the country and becoming a classroom distraction.

Ken Kunin, South Portland Superintendent, says there have already been cases in the elementary schools where teachers have told kids not to bring the spinners into class. He says this happens over the years, when various toys become extremely popular and end up distracting kids from learning.

Saco Superintendent, Dominic DePatsy, says the toys are becoming especially popular in Saco in grades 3-5. School officials there are meeting next week to discuss how to address the sudden influx of spinners.