PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- This week's Fetch ME a Home featured pet is a two-"fur!" Meet Bree and her brother Baxter!

These six-month-old shepherd mix puppies are two of a litter of five at Lucky Pup Rescue, and they are so excited to meet their new humans! If you'd like a pair of puppies, Bree and Baxter have bonded very well, but would also be alright going their separate ways. The pups are currently in training for the basics, but are already well socialized, lovable dogs.

If you'd like a cat instead, check out Kate over at HART of Maine! This calico beauty is the star of her own show, and she would like to be the star of yours- she prefers to be the only cat, but wouldn't mind a like-minded fellow feline who appreciates their personal space, too.

Fetch ME a Home airs every Saturday on the Weekend Morning Report. If you're interest in adopting other pets, you can do so at any of these other animal shelters near you: The Ark, New Hampshire SPCA, Kennebec Humane Society, Coastal Aroostook Humane Society, PAWS, SPCA of Hancock County, Cocheco Valley Humane Society, Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Lucky Pup Rescue, Coastal Humane Society, Maine Chinchilla Shelter, and Animal Welfare Society.