PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- This week's featured pets are Chica and Bubbles, both available for adoption from the Maine Chinchilla Shelter!

These little "chins" were surrendered when their owners moved or couldn't take care of them anymore, but they're ready to start a new life with a new loving family!

With the holidays upon us, many parents and loved ones might be thinking about getting children a pet for Christmas. While there is nothing wrong with this, Marianne Sansouci with the Maine Chinchilla Shelter says be ready for a 15-20 year commitment- these animals live just as long as dogs and cats do. Chinchillas also require constant temperatures between 60 and 70 degrees to stay comfortable living in their thick fur.

If you would like to adopt a chinchilla and/or learn more about caring for them, you can find out more at the Maine Chinchilla Shelter.

Fetch ME a Home airs every Saturday on the Weekend Morning Report. If you're interest in adopting other pets, you can do so at any of these other animal shelters near you: The Ark, New Hampshire SPCA, Kennebec Humane Society, Coastal Aroostook Humane Society, PAWS, SPCA of Hancock County, Cocheco Valley Humane Society, Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Lucky Pup Rescue, Coastal Humane Society, Maine Chinchilla Shelter, and Animal Welfare Society.