PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Get the bug spray ready, because this spring's wet weather has produced some ideal breeding conditions for mosquitoes.

Clay Kirby from the University of Maine's Cooperative Extension says if the puddles, kiddie pools and gutters that collected water during the spring remain still and full, we can expect to see more biting mosquitoes flying around.

That has some public health officials on alert and watching for any spikes in mosquito-borne illnesses, but Kirby says you shouldn't let that interfere with your outdoor Fourth of July plans.

"Fortunately in Maine, the mosquitoes that are out and biting in the spring and summer don't present a very large risk of disease," says Kirby. "It's the mosquito populations that are out biting later summer, early fall that could be a potential problem if we see trends of EEE and West Nile in other states that are in the Northeast."

Kirby says the Maine CDC monitors any increases in mosquito-borne diseases and alerts the public as soon as anything of concern is spotted. He says long sleeve and big sprays that contain DEET are your best resources for keeping mosquitoes off your skin.