SOUTH PARIS (NEWS CENTER)-- The family of Karen Wrentzel, the woman shot and killed by a hunter in Hebron October 28, is angry that hunter Robert Trundy apparently did not rush to help the woman after the shooting. Trundy made his first court appearance on the manslaughter charge Wednesday in Oxford County Superior Court in South Paris. About ten of Wrentzel’s relatives attended the hearing.

An affidavit by the game warden who interviewed Trundy after the shooting states that Trundy did not rush to help the woman after the shot. According to the statement, Trundy said he heard a woman scream, went part way to where he believed she was but then stopped, because “he couldn’t bring himself” to see what had happened. Instead, the hunter called his father, who was hunting the same area, and waited for the father to walk to them to try to give help.

According to the warden affidavit, the father estimated it took him ten to fifteen minutes to reach the scene. Family members said they are angry.

“That he didn’t call 911, that he didn’t do anything to help her at the end,” said Debbie Morin, the victim’s mother.

An uncle, Jon Spofford, said he was also angry. “Someone comes on a property with a loaded weapon there’s a certain amount of responsibility they take upon themselves for human life at that point. If you come on my property to kill something and you mess up, do the right thing. That’s all do the right thing and make an attempt,” he said.

Trundy’s lawyer told reporters the game warden affidavit is “incomplete", and said he will be providing a more thorough account of what Trundy did after the shooting. The lawyer said Trundy was sure he saw and shot at a deer, and that he will plead not guilty.

Trundy has been released on$2,500 cash bail, will hand over all his weapons and not hunt until after his case is settled. The prosecutor said he hopes to take the case to the Grand Jury in December.