THOMASTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - An 11-year-old boy who was involved in an attempted abduction in Thomaston on Wednesday is speaking out for the first time.

Tristen Peaslee was walking his bike to Oceanside Middle School when a man approached him in a white van and asked him if he wanted a ride to school. Peaslee said no, and then went to school and reported the incident to his teacher and guidance counselor. They then called his mother and it was reported to the police.

Police say there have been two separate attempted abductions this week where a person in a white van tried to invite a child into their vehicle. The first was on Monday where three men stopped a young girl in Owls Head on her way home from school. The second was the incident on Wednesday involving Peaslee.

"I had just talked to Tristen that morning," said his mother Rachel Maynard. "Because I had seen the incident about the little girl in Owls Head. He asked if he could walk to school and I said take your bike it's safer. Then half an hour later I get a call from the school."

Maynard had spoken to her son about the dangers of talking to strangers just before the incident happened.

“I was really scared and fearful," said Maynard. "I am so glad I had talked to the kids and told them what to do”

“I knew immediately not to go with him because I didn’t know him,” said Peaslee.

Maynard hopes that this incident will inspire other parents to take the opportunity to talk to their kids about strangers.

NEWS CENTER spoke with the Thomaston Police Department and they have no new information regarding this incident. If you have any information to share, please call them at 354-2511.