ORONO, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Back to school means back to dorms and apartments for many college students. Moving into your own place can be exciting, but for one family, it wasn't a pleasant experience.

The Ross family from South Berwick took a video of bugs crawling in a mattress provided by the apartment complex. They say they found them when moving their daughter into the Reserve Apartments in Orono near the University of Maine campus. They were told the bugs were carpet beetles, which are harmless to humans, and not bed bugs, and were given a new mattress.

The Ross' say the apartment was dirty, and the Reserve reimbursed them for a hotel while the apartment was cleaned.

The company that manages public relations for the Reserve Apartments sent us a statement saying a pest control service verified that the bugs that were found were carpet beetles. They say the apartment was cleaned again by a professional cleaning crew, the and the carpets and furniture are being replaced. They also apologized for any inconvenience.