FALMOUTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A big cat could be to blame for the recent vanishing of a dog in Falmouth, and local police are now telling residents to be alert.

The Falmouth Police Department last week received a report describing the presence of a larger cat, resembling a bobcat or lynx, in the area of Middle, Ledgewood and Pleasant Hill.

In that same area, a dog owner Wednesday night told police he heard the family's dog in a scuffle outside with what sounded like an animal. The dog has not been seen since.

In a Facebook post Thursday afternoon, the department warned residents to be cautious about leaving pets outside, unsupervised or unattended – especially after daylight hours.

Police said cases like this usually involve smaller pets, such as cats, and that the disappearances are normally attributed to a fox, coyote or fisher, but due to the recent sighting and missing dog, they believe this incident could be something else.

The department did clarify that it is still unknown what happened to the dog because the owner did not see anything after hearing the scuffle.

If anyone sees anything related to this incident, you are encouraged to contact Falmouth PD at 781-3300.