Falmouth is the latest Maine community to deal with an outbreak of browntail moths.

Dozens of residents reported caterpillars destroying leaves on trees in the northeast part of town.

Falmouth leaders say it’s too late in the season to spray so there’s nothing they can do about the caterpillars.

They are sending 1200 pamphlets out around town to tell residents the bugs and there and about the rash they can cause.

“Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that we can do to help them with some of the impacts such as the rashes, but we have put together some information for the town,” said Nathan Poore, Falmouth’s town manager.

If you have moths on smaller trees, arborists say you can take off their webby nests and kill the caterpillars in soapy water.

Portland-area tree companies advise people who want them to spray next year to call early.

Many businesses that eradicate moths were fully booked for that service in 2017.