BAR HARBOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's a beautiful time to get out and see the fall foliage.

Leaf peepers love to come up to Maine to see the colors. Although, some weather experts have shown some concern about the drought affecting leaf peeping. Businesses that thrive off of the leaf peepers say they are not worried.

According to the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, the best conditions this weekend are going to be in north and northwestern Maine.

A fall foliage spokesperson said that right now, drought conditions aren't affecting the colors. News Center spoke with some leaf peepers who came all the way from Iowa to visit Acadia National Park.

“The reds are really brilliant, we have great fall color in Iowa too but not as many reds, and it seems like they change from yellow to red, they're very spectacular” said Gary Warning, a leaf peeper from Iowa.

“Very spectacular, I’ve always wanted to come to the New England states, this is the perfect place to come, the colors are just so brilliant and the contract of the greens the yellows, the reds” said Jeanne Warning, a leaf peeper from Iowa.

The bottom line, it all depends where you are and what part of the state you’re in, but people should see some colors no matter where you end up.