PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Maine Public Utilities Commission is considering a fine or some other punishment for telecommunications provider Fairpoint.

The commission says Fairpoint isn't providing service at the quality required by state law.

There are a number of metrics the state uses to determine service quality.

One of them is how fast a company like Fairpoint can repair its network.

According to the Public Utilities Commission, Fairpoint might not be resolving network outages quickly enough.

In certain parts of the state, Fairpoint is required to have a certain percentage of its network repaired within 24 hours in the event of a problem.

That’s supposed to help people like the elderly who depend on landlines and others who might need a Fairpoint landline service in an emergency.

A spokeswoman for Fairpoint told NEWS CENTER this type of investigation isn't out of the ordinary and the company isn't getting a slew of calls from upset customers.

In a statement to NEWS CENTER, she says the standards the PUC is using to judge Fairpoint are outdated.

The statement reads, “The Maine state legislature approved current standards in the last session for areas of the state that do not have competition. We are operating and compliant under those measurements.”

A spokesman for the PUC says Fairpoint will have a chance to defend itself as the commission figures out what punishment the company should get.

“The punishment is really determined by the facts of the case so that's what we're in the process of doing,” said Maine PUC Spokesperson Harry Lanphear. “We will look at all the facts of the case, Fairpoint will present their facts, other people involved in the case will present their facts -- but at the end of the case the commissioners will make a final decision.”

The PUC also says Fairpoint is the only company in the state it's investigating in this way and it will make its determination in the spring.