***UPDATE*** The man killed in an explosion in Lincoln on Wednesday night was identified by the Maine State Fire Marshal's Office as 67-year-old Robert Stuart.

Investigators said he died instantly when a bomb went off. The State Medical Examiner's Office will conduct an autopsy on his body.

Five other explosives that were found in his basement. A State Police bomb team blew them up in Stuart's back yard along with other bomb making material.

Investigators said they were told by Stuart's wife, Sarah, that he was making the bombs to blow up tree stumps. She was home when the explosion occurred and called for help.

A request for assistance with the investigation has been extended to the FBI and Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. They'll work together with local officials to find out where and when Stuart obtained the resources to make his bombs.

Police said that there is nothing illegal about the devices but that they do not encourage people to mess with explosive materials. "If you're not familiar with the products that you are buying and you are experimenting you better know what you're doing" Lincoln Public Safety officer Dan Summers said.

LINCOLN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — One man is dead after an explosion in Lincoln Wednesday night, according to state Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland.

The explosion, which McCausland says happened around 7 p.m., killed the homeowner. His body was found in the basement.

Family members and neighbors told officials he had been experimenting with explosives in recent months.

The State Fire Marshal's Office and the State Police bomb squad are on scene. An investigation into the explosion will begin after the area is deemed safe.

Officials say there was little damage to the house.