BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) – Eric Trump made several campaign stops on behalf of his father across the state Thursday.

The appearances were announced after GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump canceled a rally planned for Portland.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara visited supporters in Turner, Auburn and Bangor.

They started their day in Turner, where supporters greeted Eric and Lara as well Governor Paul LePage at the .

Much of the focus: setting the record straight about Donald Trump's payment of federal income taxes.

His son Eric insist that his father has paid his fair share.

Governor LePage said that it should not even be an issue.

All of the stops were in the 2nd Congressional District where the Trump campaign hopes to split the state's four electoral votes.

They hope to win at least one electoral vote here because it is one of only two states that can split their votes between candidates. Two of Maine's Electoral College votes are awarded based on the popular vote statewide. Then one is awarded to the winner of each of our two Congressional Districts.

"Maine is important to the electoral map, it's important to us,” Eric Trump said. “You have hard working people in Maine, and people who feel like they've been left behind by our politicians in Washington."

A message that is pointed directly at the people of the Second Congressional District, where Trump has the most momentum—leading Hillary Clinton in most recent polling.

However, Clinton and Trump are pretty close in the statewide polls.

In Bangor, Eric Trump took aim at Clinton—deflecting a question about his father’s often crude comments about women.

Instead, he addressed the salary of women employed by the Clinton Foundation, claiming they made nowhere near their male counterparts.

His wife, Lara, boasted about the number of women in the crowd gathered in the campaign office, saying that people should not vote for her just because she is a woman.

But what can his father do for Mainers?

“Well it's very simple, you start putting America first again, which puts Maine first again, and that hasn't been done by any of our politicians in a very very very long time. You know we need to bring back jobs to this country. We need to bring back manufacturing to this country. Our jobs have left. our industry have left. Our small businesses are under total assault,” Eric Trump said.

The campaign has announced plans for an event with the candidate in Bangor on October 15, at the Cross Insurance Center.