BREWER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — The fire that destroyed Cap's Tavern in Brewer late Thursday night left four people living in apartments above the bar homeless and seven employees out of work.

Cap's Tavern is a neighborhood bar that routinely hosted charity events and fundraisers for people in need, now it's the bar and it's people that are in need of help.

"You know the bartenders are all friendly everybody just knows everybody this is where everybody gets together at the end of a long day," explained Cindy Marsters.

Marsters is friends with several employees, has filled in as a bartender, and has hosted several fundraisers at Caps Tavern.

"There was a lady that worked at Tozier's which is our neighborhood store. we find out she had cancer she didn't have long to live but the bar opened up and just we raised I think $6,000 in a day for her and her family," she said.

In photos, you can see donation pledges on walls and fundraising totals. They've raised money for the race for the cure, for individuals battling cancer.

Pat Tait is one of the bartenders. She's been working at Cap's for 18 years. She says she was the one to lock up and close Thursday night.

"I was the last person to walk out of caps tavern I walked out of there at 10 o'clock last night and I got a phone call from a friend around midnight and I actually drove down and got as far as Eastern Fine because that's as far as I could go just to find out if it was true," Tait said.

She's also a hairdresser wondering now how she'll make ends meet on one income.

"It's just a big family everybody knows everybody sometimes they might bicker but everybody is concerned and cares and if you are having a hard time everybody will step up and help," she said.

"That bar has helped out so many people and here's hoping the community will come back and support us hopefully after we get back on our feet."

State fire investigators say the owner did have insurance. His employees hope he does rebuild. The cause of the fire is under investigation. Brewer Public Safety officials initially called the fire suspicious Friday morning, but state fire investigators would not classify it that way when interviewed later in the day. They would only say they are looking into a number of possibilities.