BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Eastern Maine Medical Center celebrated its 125th birthday on Wednesday afternoon by filling a time capsule with items from EMMC, followed by a cake cutting ceremony.

Hospital staff gathered as items like Wednesday's cafeteria menu, a neonatal diaper and a copy of the latest EMMC newsletter were placed into the time capsule and sealed. The event was designed to celebrate EMMC's "rich" history to look forward to another 125 years.

President of EMMC and senior vice president of EMHS Donna Russell-Cook said, "“We have had a long rich history for our community. We are here for our community and the state of Maine and beyond. And we continue to provide that and we will continue to provide that into the future. We’re here to make a healthier community, but also be here whenever our community needs us, and that includes the patient, the family and the people that care for the patients.”

Although the items inside the capsule cannot be viewed until it is reopened in 2067, the time capsule itself is on display at the hospital.