ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Three Ellsworth High School student athletes have been expelled Monday. This week police say they were charged for with unlawful sexual touching, assault, and criminal threatening. The charges come after the school department conducted its own investigation.

School Superintendent, Daniel Higgins, says the victim is another boy and the allegations were made at the beginning of October.

Police say the students involved were summonsed to appear in court within the next 2 months over the allegations.

NEWS CENTER talked to Jodi Perry Tuesday morning. She has a daughter who attends the school. She says she is okay with the school department's decision to expel the students, but says she hopes more is done to prevent these type of incidents.

"Obviously there are criminal proceedings," Perry said, "but I think there needs to be programs in the schools."

School officials would not reveal what sports team the accused students were a part of.

if convicted, police say the three students could face punishments of up to a year in a juvenile detention center, community service, and/or fines.