*UPDATE: Ellsworth PD efforts paid off...Aaron Wagner was taken into custody early this morning without incident as he tried to return to his apartment. Police said Wagner was arrested around 3:39 A.M. Tuesday morning.

On their Facebook page, Ellsworth Police said Wagner was arrested as he tried to return to his apartment which was under surveillance. Ellsworth Police also said on their Facebook page that he was arrested without incident.

During the investigation it was revealed that Wagner may have some type of mental health problem.

During a press conference Tuesday morning, attended by several officials, D.A. Matthew Foster said that he had found that Wagner had been found incompetent to stand trial in the past, saying some charges were dismissed.

The Ellsworth Police Chief would not go into much detail about Wagner’s mental health state but he did talk about the approach his officers took when trying to locate him.

“We knew that we were dealing with an individual that needed some help. We also had to look at the concerns for the safety of the citizens of Ellsworth because a fire arm had allegedly been involved in this thing so we wanted to bring him to justice and also to try to apprehend him safely” said Ellsworth Police Chief Pete Bickmore.

Wagner is currently in the Hancock County Jail. He is expected to make an initial court appearance either Wednesday or Thursday.

ELLSWORTH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A manhunt is still under way for a shooting suspect in Ellsworth.

Aaron Wagner allegedly fired a gun at an SUV near the Deane Street Apartments around 6 p.m. Sunday. The shot shattered the back window of the SUV, but no one inside was injured.

Ellsworth Police said Monday night they now believe Wagner may suffer from mental illness and may be off his medication.

“I'm concerned for my officers and everyone out there who have been out there for 24 hours pretty much nonstop,” Ellsworth Police Chief Harold Bickmore said Monday night. "It's important to us to try and get him off the street and focus on his other concerns."

Wagner was reportedly spotted for the fourth time since the incident occurred in the area of Bridge Hill in Ellsworth Monday night.

Hancock County Sheriff's Office, Ellsworth Police and State Police searched the area between Surry Road and Bucksport Road for hours.

Police said Wagner originally ran away on foot after shooting the car Sunday night.

“I chased him from behind the dumpster to the back of the house after that he pulled a gun on me and said um don't come any closer or I'll shoot you -- next door neighbor, that's the worst thing, next door neighbor didn't do anything to him didn't know him really besides a neighbor,” Wagner’s neighbor Aric Stevenson said.

A few hours after, Wagner was spotted on Route 1A by an off-duty officer. That officer called for backup and K9s to search the area, but that search turned up empty.

Stevenson, who owns the car that was shot, said he let his two friends borrow the car at the time.

“I didn’t really know him at all. I mean how well do you really know your neighbors. I mean life goes on. You just have to take it as a grain of salt. That’s what my family has said in the past. Take it like a grain of salt and just keep on going,” Stevenson said.

Stevenson claimed that he has never had any issues with Wagner up until a couple months ago, and does not know what prompted Wagner’s actions

He was then spotted again Sunday night and then a third time in the area of Bucksport Road and Christian Ridge Road Monday morning.

That prompted the shutdown of Ellsworth schools Monday as a precaution.

“We did not want kids outside waiting for school buses or walking to school and possibly being put in harm’s way. We are doing everything that we can, we want to get this guy off of the street ,” Bickmore said Monday morning.

Wagner is said to have a lengthy criminal record.

Police said Wagner is currently wanted for reckless conduct with a firearm and aggravated criminal mischief.

He was last seen wearing a yellow jacket and red muck boots and has long blonde hair.

Despite Wagner still being on the loose, Ellsworth School Department Superintendent Dan Higgins said area schools are set to reopen Tuesday morning, and that no threats have been made against the schools.

Police are not sure if Wagner is still armed or not.

If you see Wagner or have any information on his mental state or whereabouts, you are urged to immediately contact police.

"We want to find him and make sure that he's safe and we want to protect our officers and the citizens of Ellsworth," Bickmore said.