AUBURN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Scams come in all forms these days; emails, phone calls, even text messages.

The Auburn Public Library was recently hit with one, through the mail.

Library director Mami Ney received a package Thursday with a camera inside, and an invoice for $1,400.

The first red flag: her name was wrong on the shipping label, and she never ordered a camera. The second: she called the company that sent the camera and it had a fake email address on file for her.

Then, before she could call Bank of America, they called her — or at least someone pretending to be with her bank did.

"We got a call from a gentleman purporting to be from Bank of America fraud department, saying the camera had been sent to us as a fraud and he would make arrangements with the company that sent it to us to get a mailing label to send it back," Ney said.

She hung up and immediately called Bank of America herself. "They told me this is a new type of scam they are seeing," she said.

It's a first for Maine's attorney general. Office spokesperson Timothy Feeley said in an email to NEWS CENTER, "It sounds like the library director did the right thing, which is great. We always encourage people to be suspicious when something odd happens and not to simply do what the person on the other end of the line tells you to do.

"Look up the number for the business in question and make an independent call to them," he said. "Don't just call back the number they gave you."