JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (NEWS CENTER) — One year ago today, the El Faro cargo ship sank in Hurricane Joaquin, taking her 33 crew members down with her. But it would be days before the friends and family of those sailors learned their fate.

The search for the El Faro was called off on Oct. 7, and nearly a month after Cpt. Michael Davidson sent his last communication, the wreckage was found 15,000 feet below the surface.

In the 365 days since the El Faro sank, Maine communities have dealt with the loss of Cpt. Davidson and Michael Holland of Wilton, and Danielle Randolph and Dylan Meklin of Rockland. All four were graduates of Maine Maritime Academy.

Their loved ones joined the other members of the El Faro family in Jacksonville on Saturday as the owner of the ship commemorated the crew at a closed ceremony.