BELGRADE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Guns were drawn as police arrested a 17-year-old boy at a seasonal home he is accused of burglarizing.

An alarm brought Maine State Police to the home on Dustin Drive along Messalonskee Lake in Belgrade on Monday afternoon. After observing signs of a break in, troopers extended their investigation to several other homes along nearby Kerschner Road.

Troopers had their guns at the ready when they found a boy inside one of the homes and placed him under arrest. Police did not release the boy's name, but identified him as a runaway from a home in Vassalboro. He was returned to his mother's custody after being processed on a burglary charge with more charges expected to follow.

Police said the boy broke into eight seasonal homes, and was living in one of them. Work is continuing to catalogue the items missing from each home in addition to the food and tools for which police have already assigned blame to the boy.