BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- As the remnants of Hurricane Harvey pummel through Houston, some Maine transplants living in the area are bracing for the worst.

Former Bangor resident, Anne Schmidt moved to Katy, Texas three years ago. She lives there with her husband, two daughters, and their dog. Schmidt says their suburban neighborhood was a few feet underwater Monday and she expects for the water to reach their home by Tuesday morning. The family lives in a single-story home and have a plan if the floodwater spills inside their homes.

"We're all leaning on our neighbors," Schmidt said.

Schmidt's family lives outside of the mandatory evacuation zone, so many of her neighbors stayed put. Now that several roads are filled with water, it is almost impossible for them to leave. One family in the community plans on opening the their two-story home to Schmidt and other neighbors if their homes flood.

This historic flooding is unlike anything Schmidt encountered while living in Maine, but she says the storm has brought her neighborhood closer. Neighbors have been checking in on each other, and they've even made a Facebook group to keep each other informed.

People in Texas prepare for more damage this week, as families like the Schmidt's hope for the best case scenario: that Harvey leaves town soon.