SANFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Four people are behind bars after police find nearly three pounds of cocaine and herion worth $140,000.

Mane Drug Enforcement Agency has been investigating the source of cocaine and heroin sales in the York county and the greater Brunswick area for the last two months.

Police say a group out of Lawrence and Lowell, Massachusetts was selling drugs to Nathan Frechette, 39, of Sanford, who then sold them locally.

Agents searched Frechette's home Tuesday, June 20, and found illegal drugs, a handgun and sawed off shot shotgun as well as over $35,000 in drug proceeds.

Frechette was arrested and taken to the York County Jail.

Agents also arrested Yarlin Garcia, 24, and Pedro Igyedi, 21, both from of Lowell, Mass. and Luis Rosario-Diaz, 21, of Lawrence, Mass. on Tuesday.

Police found close to three pounds of cocaine and heroin inside the engine of a rental care the three were driving.

Garcia, Igyedi and Rosario-Diaz were taken to the York County Jail.

Bail for all four men was set at $50,000 cash.

All four men were only charged with aggravated cocaine charges but police say additional charges will be forthcoming.