DEDHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Back in May over 75 volunteers of Downeast Horizons take the time to clean up and help open up Camp CaPella in Dedham for the season.

And today as a thank you, members of Downeast Horizons got to enjoy a day at camp and cookout.

Camp CaPella and Downeast Horizons both provide recreation for people with physical and developmental disabilities.

The executive director of Downeast Horizon, Anthony Zambrano, says today is more than just a day of fun but a day to help with everyday struggles. “so here if they're in a crowd and a little uncomfortable, we have trained staff to help him." says Zambrano "So, in the future when the train staff is not there they can be OK and feel comfortable and live in the community. It's not just the day at camp the day working on their struggles and challenges.”

Camp CaPella is located on Phillips like in Dedham and for more on Camp CaPella Click Here

Downeast Horizons is a non-profit organization that services local people with developmental disabilities and their family. Downeast Horizons in based in Ellsworth and for more on Downeast Horizons Click Here

Spring Clean-up at Camp CaPella