A couple from Warren is trying to figure out who may have shot and killed their dog with an arrow.

Ed and Amy Joy say their border collie named Peppermint was shot while on a walk with a friend and her dog near a dog park in Thomaston.

Police are now investigating.

“It just drops you to the floor,” said Ed. “When I learned about what had actually transpired. it turned into grief mixed with anger.”

Ed and Amy adopted Peppermint from a shelter in Arkansas when she was just seven months old.

They describe the dog, “Pepper” as they often called her, as intelligent and a hit with their friends.

The joys never had a problem finding a dog-sitter.

In fact, Peppermint was with one of Amy’s friends when she was shot.

On Halloween, that friend took Peppermint and another dog to a trail close to a dog park in Thomaston.

“She called the dogs, her dog came back to her and her dog was whimpering,” said Amy.

“She called and called for our dog. Then she put her dog in her car and retraced her steps. She found Peppermint under a tree. She'd been shot clean through, one side of the chest to the other.”

Police and the Joys think someone with a bow and arrow shot and killed the dog.

However, neither the arrow nor the person who shot it has been found.

It's a question the Joys are willing to pay a high price to answer

They’re offering a $1000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever shot the dog.
If it was an accident, they'd still like the shooter to come forward.

“We're angry but we're certainly forgiving,” said Ed. “But obviously if someone is maliciously doing this, all the posting in the world and all the orange bandanas in the world aren't going to stop it.”

Until the shooter is found, the Joys are remembering Peppermint by looking at a number of videos and pictures they have of her.

They're also hopeful their search for answers will prevent another family from losing a best friend.

“In the long run the thing that matters is that other dogs might not fall into the same situation, that the dog park is made safer, that the area around it be posted,” said Amy.

A necropsy was performed on Peppermint to determine her exact cause of death.

The Joys say they don’t know what the veterinarian who conducted that necropsy found because that information is part of the police investigation and hasn’t been released.