NEWBURGH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The dog dragged behind his owner's truck in Brewer over the summer was finally adopted and is now in a new loving home.

Phoenix was in the care of the Bangor Humane Society up until August. He has since been with his new owner, Colby Walker, who officially adopted the dog on Friday. "I'm not sure he really knew what love was, what being a pet was, because he absolutely loves his life now," Walker said. "He deserves to be happy".

The pup has plenty of room to run around on the families horse farm and enjoys a snack every now and then. "I've never seen a dog that can play that much -- he just goes, and goes, and goes, and goes," Walker said. She was grateful to have been able to give him a new home and was surprised at how quickly he's adapted. "It blows my mind that he's so good because I would be terribly nasty if somebody did that to me."